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 Offering multiple styles of booths means that we are better able to serve your unique wants and desires for your event.  Planning a laid back, low profile wedding? Our  open air photo booth is a perfect fit.  Maybe you are having an outdoor style wedding? Our beloved 1978 VW Photo Bus makes a bold statement!

Whatever style you're after in a photo booth, we love making your dream a reality.  

In an age where marriage is pushed to the side and love is sort of a taboo subject, it only hypes us up even more to make sure that your wedding (or event) is far batter than you could have ever imagined. 


the phos

the photo booths

This old soul graced the world with her presence back in 1978. Then she came puttering into our lives the summer of '21. Since then this ol' gal has gotten quite the makeover. Wood floors,  new side panels, extended seating and a sweet set of wheels to roll right up to your event. We can't wait to share her charm with you!

Winnie The photo booth bus


This photo booth fits anywhere. Known to clear out entire dance floors , this futuristic machine  delivers photos, GIF, video, and boomerang via text, email, or QR code directly to your phone. This is also the same style of photo booth that is available when you book an event with our Photo Booth Bus!

Winston the open air Photo booth


We  love customizing  your event to what you want!   We offer many different styles of backdrop and lighting options,  giving you the freedom to have your photo booth tailor-fit the vision you have in your head.  Does your wedding or event venue have a killer view? PERFECT. We can use that too.

let's have fun!


We mean it, we bring the props to you!
We have some silly ones just for fun and our round black and white props were custom made for Phos Photo Booth. This means every guest is sure to find the perfect prop to match. And chances are, they've never seen photo booth props like them before.

"props to you"



  • 4 hours with Open Air Booth
  • Unlimited Photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs
  • Unlimited Prints (2x6 strips or 4x6)
  • Premium Backdrop with Neon Sign OR Custom Built Backdrop
  • Custom "Tap to Start" + Lighting
  • High Quality PVC Props
  • Personalized Wooden Guestbook
  • Video Confessional


  • 3 Hours with Open Air Booth
  • Unlimited Photos, GIFs, and Boomerangs
  • Unlimited Prints (two 2x6 strips)
  • Choice of Basic Backdrop
  • Custom "Tap to Start" & Lighting
  • High Quality PVC Props



  • 2 Hours with Open Air Booth
  • Unlimited Photos  
  • Basic "Tap to Start" 
  • Basic Lighting
  • BACKDROP NOT INCLUDED (Add on for $50)


open air photo booth packages

minimum required for weddings


far out

  • 4 hours with Photo Bus
  • Standard OR Custom Backdrop 
  • Custom Lighting & "Tap to Start"
  • Unlimited Prints (choice of 2x6 or 4x6)
  • Video Confessional
  • Free Stormy Monday Cold Brew Coffee
  • Wood Engraved Guest Book.
  • High Quality PVC & Custom Props
  • Unlimited Digital Photos, Gifs & Boomerangs 
  • Professional Corn Hole Boards 
  • Free Delivery 45 Miles Round Trip From 32137


  • 4 Hours with Photo Bus 
  • Choice of 2 Photo Bus Backdrops
  • Custom Lighting
  • Custom "Tap to Start"
  • Unlimited Prints (two 2x6 strips)
  • High Quality PVC Props
  • Unlimited Digital Photos & Boomerangs.   
  • Free Delivery 30 Miles Round Trip From 32137
  • Professional Corn Hole Boards

souped up

minimum required for weddings


  • 2 Hours with Photo Bus
  • Standard Booth Backdrop
  • Unlimited Prints (two 2x6 strips)
  • Unlimited Digital Photos
  • Basic "Tap to Start"
  • Basic Lighting

freedom riders

photo booth bus packages

Thanks to some crazy cool technology, each photo taken on our booth can be sent instantly to your phone via text message, email, or QR code. Your'e also able to see a live online gallery  as your wedding or event is taking place directly on your phone. That crazy, hilarious picture you just took  is instantly shareable to your favorite form of social media! 

when and How do I get my pictures?

Nope! Once you pay us for our service, it is 100% free to any and every guest coming into our booths... that means unlimited pictures and fun for everyone.

Do the guests have to pay for any photos?

Absolutely!  If you decide that you want a different style backdrop, lighting or customized screen.. we are on it. The only items we cannot change are custom tailored backdrops and/or handmade props. 

Can we make changes after booking?

Yes we do. It's a  non refundable 50% retainer fee, and  the rest of the amount is due 30 days prior to your  event. 

Do you require A deposit?

We suggest at least 6 to 8 months in advance, but can work around a tight schedule. As long as we have your date available we will be there! 


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